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Free Local Directory for Wedding Photographers in London and surrounding Home Counties. Please take the time to read the information below. It will explain to you in simple terms what we are about and what we can do for your business.


Welcome to Local London Wedding Photographers. Our objective is to be the definitive and leading online locally targeted Wedding Directory on the internet. We are confident that over the next 6 months we will rank at the top of Google’s listings for London Wedding Photography searches and specific localised search terms. In turn this generates internet traffic for London Wedding Photographers and those in the surrounding Home Counties.


We list your Business by London Borough or surrounding Home County. Our objective is to help you generate local enquires and subsequently local referral work from those enquires. It’s a back to basics approach, putting local people in contact with local wedding photographers.


A single listing in London Wedding Photographers it is absolutely Free. All we ask in return is that you reciprocate the link from your website (with the required link text), linking to the Directory homepage and your Local borough or County page (link code will be provided). If you put link text on your homepage we will give you a 2 extra borough or county listing as a thank you from us!


You can be listed in more than one borough or town/city if you wish to target surrounding local locations. The cost of additional listings is £50 per borough and additional discounts for multiple borough/town/city listings. Your paid listing(s) will last for 12months and can be renewed on a yearly basis.


We run a transparent, ethical directory putting local people in contact with Local Wedding Photographers in London and the Home Counties. Our Directory is not covered in Advertising links taking people away from your important listings and will never be in future.


Thanks for taking the time to read about our Wedding Photographers Directory.